Marvelous Mouthfuls: Ottawa's Personal Chef Service

A chef for more than 17 years, Melissa is experienced in meeting the unique nutritional requirements of individuals, families and groups, She has prepared meals ranging from restaurant-style gourmet fare to basic meals and worked with many varieties of specialized diets, including dairy-free, vegan, whole food, vegetarian, wheat-free, low-calorie, low fat, allergen-free, candida, and organic as well as cooking for patients with heart disease, autism, cancer or diabetes.

Although Melissa is not a nutritionist, she has a wealth of experience and information on how to maintain and enjoy a healthy diet.

Her professional appointments include MP Alexa McDonough, ASN's Breakfast Television, and CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Melissa uses fresh ingredients in her cooking and offers an extensive variety of recipes.

For more information, or references call (613) 282-5655

                   Testimonials for Marvelous Mouthfuls

Check out what these Kids have to say!!

       Melissa's cooking is delicious! I love coming home to tasty and healthy meals. This service is one of Ottawa's best kept secrets :)



       We cannot thank you enough for preparing this food for us. I'll be honest when I found your flyer in an Ottawa coffee shop I was really skeptical to order because I had no references or reviews to go on. Although I am not a fussy eater, I do consider myself to have very high standards and you nailed it!! Right from your no-nonsense upfront service to the delicious meals you prepared for my husband and I - we are so thoroughly impressed.

If anyone is considering hiring Melissa, think no longer, just DO IT...some of the best cooking I've had! We are on an Ontario road tour for a few months and having home-cooked meals to quickly prepare in our hotel seemed like a daunting challenge, especially since we are both vegan as well; this food Melissa cooked for us is SO fresh and full of flavour, some of the best vegan food I've had outside of my home (alright who I am kidding, better that what I can make in my own kitchen!!). I would love to find a "Melissa" in every city we visit, including our own hometown in BC.

Thank you Melissa.

Marie Marcoux-Roberts

       My name is Andy McNeish and I use the services of Marvelous Mouthfuls Gourmet Cooking. I found out about the service by accident and am extremely satisfied with the service.

I used to have pizzas just about every night and went to restaurants often. Since eating Melissa's food, I find that feel better, have more energy, and have gone through the flu season without getting sick. I now find pizza's boring and look forward coming home to Melissa's great cooking.

I was looking for a service like this but could not find one as comprehensive; I did not want all the mess of cooking in pans, having to shop for the food, or having to clean up after. Each meal is in its own container, all I have to do is heat it up, et viola, I have a tasty meal.

I would recommend this service without reservation!

Andy McNeish

        I have really enjoyed eating your meals over the past 3 months. At the beginning of January I wanted to start eating a healthier and more varied menu and I was lucky to discover your brochure. I started with your meals in early January and they have been a huge help with meal planning. They are portion controlled, healthy and delicious.

I have a very busy professional life and it has made it so much easier to come home and have a meal prepared for myself in advance. I am eating more vegetables and a more balanced diet. I have even been able to lose 5 pounds with the combination of your healthy meals and increased exercise, a goal that I had set out for myself at the beginning of the year. The only hard part is in deciding what to order, there are so many options available, but I have never yet been disappointed with my choices. Thank you so much!


Dear Melissa,

        I've been meaning to write to you since we arrived safely on our sail from Halifax to Sag Harbour, New York. All of us aboard Nirvana III were impressed by the succulent foods you prepared for us. You would have been delighted to hear the compliments from the crew as each evening we consumed another one of your dinners. Your help in selecting a diversity of menus was most appreciated.

It was also helpful that you packaged each meal in labelled, plastic containers that fit nicely in the boat's freezer. We simply heated the contents in the microwave, along with some rice or pasta, and were ready to dine within minutes.

The name Marvelous Mouthfuls truly describes what your customers can expect from your kitchen. You may rest assured that when our cruises take us downeast again, we'll call on you for more great dishes.

Jim Marquardt

        I have been thrilled with our experience with Marvelous Mouthfuls! The nutritious and delicious meals leave us feeling well nourished and help us deal with a busy schedule and spend more time with our children. We have appreciated Melissa's ability to customize recipes and portion sizes to fit our needs. Having a supply of her frozen entrees means we can still cook our own meals when we have the time to enjoy doing so and saves us money on those nights we would otherwise eat out or pick up take-out food. I only wish we had done this sooner.

Laurie H., busy mom of two

        I have been a client of Melissa's for a number of years now. Melissa offers a varied, healthy and tasty menu that is a wonderful alternative to cooking for oneself. And all this at a very good price! I would recommend her services to anyone who doesn't have the time or energy to prepare meals - or to those who are convalescing.


        Melissa Nigi has provided great dinners for 20 students of the National Arts Centre Young Artists Program for several summers now. Her nutritious and tasty menus are well-thought out with careful attention to special dietary needs of the students. No more lousy cafeteria food! As the Manager of the YAP, I'm no longer worried about what they're eating. Word of her delicious meals has gotten around too. Some of the older students who receive a per diem want to exchange it for her dinners!

Christy Harris
Manager, National Arts Centre, Summer Music Institute

        We really enjoy the food, fantastic! Great job, I have no idea how you cook five different dishes in that short space of time, just amazing! You're extremely efficient, very impressive! We really appreciate having all that great food available for us.
Thank you

Lyn .D

        Thank you so much for all the wonderful food, it's so great! I've been bragging to everyone about you and your service. The food's fabulous!!

Richard .W

        Thank you for your outstanding services! The food is sooo good I even had lasagna for breakfast the other day ! My kitchen has never looked cleaner nor my fridge more organised. I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Kind regards,


        Melissa has been providing us with a variety of prepared meals for a number of years. We are both seniors in our eighties, and have special dietary needs which she has been able to accommodate. Her friendly manner has made her visits a pleasure. The food is delicious and very convenient to just heat and serve. This service is helping us remain in our own home.

We can thoroughly recommend Melissa and "Marvelous Mouthfuls".

Peter and Shirley Browne

        I feel very fortunate that my family found Marvelous Mouthfuls Chef Service. Because of Melissa cooking for me, I've been able to stay in my apartment rather than move to a residence. I enjoy Melissa's food, she is always very accommodating to my needs and when she comes to cook for me, I feel well taken care of and her company is a pleasure. I would highly recommend Melissa and her chef service.


        Wow, the food as always is wonderful- and I hope you do know how much I appreciate your talents. It honestly makes my day better!!


        Everything's awesome, thank you so much! We had the salmon last night which my husband described as 'heavenly'.