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Price and Quantity

  • The cost of ingredients is additional and will depend on the menu selected
  • Before you order I can provide approximate cost for groceries, on request
  • After the order, when payment is due, I provide grocery reciepts
  • If there are left over ingredients, I give them to you
  • You can provide your own recipes to be made
  • There is absolutely no commitment to continue this service
As I can get booked up to 2-3 months in advance, I encourage those who would like regular orders to order/reserve in advance. If you need to cancel or reschedule there is no fee as long as you give notice prior to the cook date.

Payment by email transfer, cheque or cash due on cooking day.

4 different menu choices divided into 16 meals $260
5 different menu choices divided into 20 meals $305

6 different menu choices divided into 30 meals

Larger orders are also available and you can add extra items to your order like side dishes, salads, deserts, extra main dishes or lunches.

Ordering weekly is an option to avoid freezing meals, however food should be consumed within 4 days of purchase if not freezing.